Leigh Francis and Kelly Brook talk about bringing Keith Lemon to big screen

With his movie out in cinemas today, inimitable comedy character Keith Lemon has swapped television for the big screen.

Just in case you didn’t realise Lemon, the alter-ego of comedian Leigh Francis, has his own award-winning TV game show called Celebrity Juice. The new movie, aptly titled Keith Lemon: The Film, is his first feature.

Lemon explained: "Keith Lemon: The Film is about me, hello. It's a rags to riches story. It's a small film with a big heart and another member of my body that's quite big which is revealed a couple of times.

"It's like an origins story of me, but it's slightly set in a hyper-real world, so some of the stuff in it is not what actually happened to me.”

Lucky for Lemon, the movie also stars Kelly Brook as his love interest.

She explained: "He becomes rich and famous and all the trappings of what comes with that - which is where I come in, because I'm the femme fatale and want to use him for all of his money and fame.”

In the film, Brook is just stringing Lemon along to raise her own profile. However, according to Keith, off screen the actress wanted more.

"In real life she fell in love with me, but I had to pull her aside and go 'it's just acting this you know. Stop it,'" said Lemon.

Brook professed herself shocked that the film got the go ahead – considering how risqué the script was.

"I'm still surprised they even made a film," she says, to which Lemon replies, "Will you stop slagging it off."

  • Keith Lemon: The Film is out in cinemas today.