The STV Trailer Park: with Beasts of the Southern Wild

Sometimes, without any warning, a trailer takes your breath away.

And so it is with the glimpse of Beasts of the Southern Wild that you can find above. The film has drawn almost universal praise at festivals throughout 2012 – recently also attaining the approval of Oprah Winfrey and President Obama. (Which isn't some support to get in the US.)

Coming from first-time feature director Benh Zeitlin, there’s hints of Spike Jonze’s marvellous adaptation of Where the Wild Things Are, looking at a world of wonder through the eyes of a child.

Centred around New Orleans around the time that hurricane Katrina caused devastation, the performance of newcomer Quvenzhané Wallis as Hushpuppy is enough to bring tears to your eyes in the trailer alone. (Or perhaps it’s just that I’ve become a soppy old sod.) With any luck the film will bring a little bit of magic back to cinema. (Release date: October 19)

Another hit on the film festival circuit was The Queen of Versailles, and again you can see why from the documentary’s trailer.

A “riches to rags” story about a billionaire couple trying to build the largest private home in America – just as the financial crisis hits. Hmm, whatever could be the problem there? Jackie Siegel seems some character, and if their journey is half as interesting as hinted at then audiences should be in for some show. (Release date: September 7)

Previously best known for The IT Crowd, Chris O’Dowd is making a name for himself in the film world, with prominent roles in the likes of Bridesmaids and Friends With Kids.

The Sapphires concerns a group of Australian Aboriginal girls who form a soul group and are picked to entertain US troops in Vietnam, and seems a feel-good film with a lot of... heart. And it’ll surely also have a pretty natty soundtrack also. (Release date: November 2)

Cockneys vs Zombies. Does anything else need to be said other than the film title? (Other than that the trailer contains plenty of violence and strong language, the latter element artfully delivered by the amazing Alan Ford?) No? Good. (Release date: August 31)