Kick-Ass doesn’t sound out to offend with killer kid character

Kick-Ass creator Mark Millar has said that the upcoming movie’s foul-mouthed, violent young teen character Hit Girl shouldn’t offend the likes of Daily Mail readers when placed in context - not least because he buys the paper himself.

The comic book adaptation is being tipped to become one of the biggest movies of the year when it’s released later this month, and those who have already seen it have hailed Hit Girl, played by Chloe Moretz, as an iconic character.

Mentored by her father Big Daddy (Nicolas Cage), the pint-sized costume-clad hero comes equipped with a potty mouth and the capacity to dispose of foes in extremely gruesome ways, as those who’ve seen the “red band” trailer focussing on her will surely attest to.

Causing a huge buzz on the internet, Hit Girl looks set to become one of the most memorable characters of the year, with anticipation for Kick-Ass building hugely since the first dedicated look at her.

Talking about any possible controversy that might emerge from certain sections of the media, Coatbridge-born Millar said: “Well, you know, the thing is you never want to offend because I think it’s easy to offend - a monkey could offend. But I think controversial’s okay.

“I think when you watch Hit Girl, when you see the movie in context, it somehow isn’t offensive - maybe to me, maybe I’m so desensitised, I find it quite charming.

“But I think it’s quite funny, because everybody always says ‘What do you think the Daily Mail readers are going to say?’, and they always use that as the description. And I’m like ‘I buy the Daily Mail every single day, it’s my paper!’”

He added, laughing: “So I feel - as a Daily Mail reader - that I’m very comfortable with this film.”

Despite being rejected when they took Kick-Ass around the studios, the team behind it were apparently never dejected and had confidence that their independently financed movie would be a success.

Millar explained: “Well you know the weird thing actually, we always believe it was going to work, it was mad - it was probably how Hitler felt in the 30s, with this mad zeal that we had. It was like ‘No, they’re wrong, we must continue!’ Matthew more so, because he took it as an absolute insult that these guys weren’t playing ball.

“So it was actually very satisfying, it was a great moment. It was like a Frank Capra movie moment whenever we played those clips to Comic-Con and the crowd went nuts.

“Matthew said to everyone just before it ‘Look, if you guys give a thumbs up here it means that we can get a bidding war going in Hollywood, so get on Twitter, get on Facebook and get a buzz going so that when we go to Los Angeles tomorrow everyone’s excited about it.

“At the end everybody put their thumb up, and we were almost in tears. It was like an absolute Capra moment.”

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