The STV Trailer Park: with Dredd, Take This Waltz, Jack Reacher & Step Up 4

(Warning: trailer contains violent imagery)

It’s commonly accepted that – despite the marvellous work his put into his upper body for the role – Sylvester Stallone’s Judge Dredd didn’t do the comic book character justice, back when it was released in 1995. (Yes, SEVENTEEN years ago.) So can Karl Urban succeed where Sly failed, dropping formalities for the simply titled Dredd?

The full trailer has attracted comparison to this year’s brilliant action film The Raidwatch the trailer for that here – even though the production times for both movies mean that neither could have directly influenced the other.

But nevertheless, those poor Dredd producers! You can just imagine them weeping when they saw the critically acclaimed Indonesian movie. (The trailer for which also featured law enforcement officers battling their way through several floors of a lawless tower block.)

However, the teaser above bodes well – showing that they aren’t going hold back on the bloody ultra-violence Judge Dredd was (and still is) well loved for – and advance word has been positive. As it is, in the UK we have less than a month to go until Urban and co can prepare to be judged. (Release date: September 7)

Take This Waltz comes from highly rated director (and actor) Sarah Polley. Starring Seth Rogen and Michelle Williams, it addresses the complications of marriage and the temptations of infidelity.

Rather than taking the usual hysterical approach towards the subject – in which Williams’ character would be deemed a witch and burned at the stake – this seems set to be a layered drama offering no simple solutions to the questions asked within. With the talent involved Take This Waltz seems set to be a great watch, if not always an easy one. (Release date: August 17)

Jack Reacher is the latest star vehicle for Tom Cruise, although that’s not necessarily a bad thing – ol’ Tom’s known for picking good talent to work with, and for this he has The Usual Suspects scribe Christopher McQuarrie taking up the reins as writer-director. (Good news for fans of his directorial debut, 2000’s The Way of the Gun.)

The trailer doesn’t do too much to raise it above the pack, though it’s evident that Cruise is attempting to play a bit of a badass, even while towering below the actual bad guys in its final scene. Hopefully he can hit the sort of form that he displayed with the brilliant Collateral, and with no punches pulled – apparently the film will be rated for an adult audience – hopefully this film can end 2012 with a bang. (Release date: December 28)

Let’s be honest: Step Up 4: Miami Heat probably isn’t targeted at me. (Especially given that I’ve never seen the previous three movies, nor knew much of anything about their very existence until this moment.)

Some may say that it’s nice to have a film promoting a healthy and wholesome activity such as dance, rather than a sleazy flick about sex and violence which will instead corrupt our youth. Let's be blunt: those people ought to be forced to watch this trailer on loop until they’re begging for a copy of Dirty Dancing. (Release date: out in cinemas now)

Finally, The Sweeney. Why remake the classic TV show? Why on earth put the hugely derided and almost certainly deluded Nick Love – the man behind such laddish atrocities as Outlaw and The Firm – in the director’s chair? Even with Ray Winstone and Ben ‘Plan B’ Drew starring, from this trailer it’s impossible to find any sort of answers to those questions, apart from the film's financing possibly being part of some tax-avoidance scheme, or perhaps a tip-top money-laundering venture for gangsters, or something of that sort of ilk... (Oh, and before any cockerney geezers break my legs, that was a joke. I think.) (Release date: September 12)

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