Skirting the Fringe: WitTank look to mint it in Edinburgh

WitTank: Naz Osmanoglu, Kieran Boyd and Mark Cooper-Jones at Edinburgh Fringe in 2012
At Wits' End: Naz Osmanoglu, Kieran Boyd and Mark Cooper-Jones are in sketch groupIdil Sukan

Hello, what’s your name, and what on earth are you going to be doing in Edinburgh this August?

We are WitTank, a sketch trio made up of Naz Osmanoglu, Kieran Boyd and Mark Cooper-Jones. We'll be doing a sketch show in the Pleasance.

Tell us more about your show...

We like big silly characters and situations, high energy performances and a lot of pissing about on stage. We try to have as much fun as possible for a month to be honest and then at the end we just collapse and have a holiday.

Food and/or drink – what do you take to keep you going through the madness?

Naz loves Fanta Fruit Twist. Kieran always brings a coffee machine and Mark pretty much just eats sausages.

What’s your favourite part of the Edinburgh festivals?

The Big Purple Upside Down Cow. A joy to perform in. Also it’s a massive cow.

What would be your biggest piece of advice to any performers coming to Edinburgh for the first time?

Don't get too stressed out! If you enjoy yourself your show is always better. Also come and see our show.

What’s been your most memorable festival experience?

Naz stacked it off a stool once. We laughed at him. So did the audience...

Any favourite Scottish word/phrase?

Lochs are pretty sweet.

And what would be your best tip for any punters coming to their first Fringe?

Take every flyer, wear every badge, climb Arthur's seat and have a wicked time.

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