Scotland’s Hurricane Bawbag raises Twitter storm – the top reactions

Twitter has #hurricanebawbag as a top worldwide trend at the moment, meaning that millions of Twitter  users around the globe will suddenly be wondering what on earth a “bawbag” actually is. 

Sensitive souls may want to look away now, but according to folklore it’s a vulgar Scottish term used for the scrotum, also derogatively against anybody who’s a bit of an idiot. (For example, Jeremy Clarkson may often be thought of as a complete bawbag. Matthew Wright was definitely a bawbag earlier in the week. And so on and so forth.)

It’s often deployed with a bit of sly humour. And with typical Scottish enterprise, only a couple of hours after it was coined there was already Hurricane Bawbag merchandise on sale, available to order during your lunchtime break. By 3pm there was even Bawbag bling "hot off the laser cutter", thanks to Bonnie Bling.

So what have the Twitterati had to say about Hurricane Bawbag? Here are some of the top Tweets which we’ll be adding to throughout the day. Feel free to add your own below (or let me know on Twitter):

  • “American hurricane namers are lazy. They pick easy ones like "George" and "Kate". Only in Scotland could they come up with #HurricaneBawbag” pazpaz
  • “If everyin in Scotland breathes in at the right time then aw the wind ul be gone- simple. #garysaysthehingsthatotherswinny” @GARYTANK
  • “Women in Burnside forced not to wear jammie troosers and Uggs to go to shops by #hurricanebawbag #scotstorm” thismortalcoyle
  • “BREAKING: #scotstorm is rated as "awfally blowie" on the Wee Wifie scale. The WW scale runs from "huffin" tae "haud oantae ma breeks" :-)” coilleduine
  • “Good news, #hurricanebawbag has been downgraded to Scrotum Storm.” Martinbigpigmor
  • “Panic buying caused by #hurricanebawbag has resulted in shelves being stripped bare of Irn Bru, Pot Noodles and Green Rizzlas” Pols80
  • “would love to hear an American weather reporter with a southern drawl reporting on Scotland's very own #Hurricanebawbag.” SeanBellphoto
  • “The wind's not that bad, it's just the noise of it going through the trees that makes it sound worse. Chop down the trees, problem solved.” DaftLimmy
  • “Just passed a guy wrestling with a golf umbrella. Clearly with all the transport disruption he's planning on air travel #hurricanebawbag” Pols80
  • “The only way tae deal wi' #hurricanebawbag Standin in ma shorts and t-shirt, arms oot wide, shoutin "COME AHEAD YA DOBBER!!" S*** itself!!” nitejohnboy
  • “#ItMakesMeHappyWhen the Scots get worldwide recognition for something other than bagpipes and haggis. Let's hear it for #HurricaneBawbag” pazpaz
  • “We can't stop giggling at the fact that #hurricanebawbag is trending worldwide *so proud*” Taste of Glasgow
  • “Would LOVE to see @SeanBattySTV refer to the winds as #hurricanebawbag when he does the weather later!” thomasmckellar
  • ". . . Dear Embra, Here huv aw oor discarded crisp pokes. Yours as ayeways, Glasgow. . . . #HurricaneBawbag" ScotsRon
  • "My only concern is that Fox and CNN will think it's actually called #HurricaneBawbag and report it directly as such. Och, maybe they should." ChristopherHarv
  • "You can't beat Aldi pot-noodle-alike Snack Pots for snowed-in survival food. I laugh at #hurricanebawbag" jearle

Update - 2pm (various mispellings found such as #hurricanbawbag or #hurricainbawbag - meaning that the word 'hurricane' is causing problems but not 'bawbag'. These are glorious times to be a Scot)

  • "It cannae be that bad. There's still wee men in bunnets sparkin up outside pubs the length o Leith Walk. #hurricanebawbag" MediaCom_Murray
  • "Only Scottish people would get #hurricanebawbag trending. You may take our garden furniture, but you'll never take our patter!" MairiMcKay
  • "Just saw a guy in Tesco wearing bermuda shorts. #hurricanebawbag" NickMitchell
  • "The Wicked Witch of the Clyde was just crushed by a flying council house and Dorothy-Marie Gale pinched her Reeboks." LiamDrydenEtc
  • "BREAKING: Slight smell of dust burning across Scotland as third bars on electric fires are sparked up. #hurricanebawbag" charleslavery
  • "Slightly worried my Nissan Figaro is going to take off like Budgie the Helicopter in this weather" STVLaura
  • "Hurricane Bawbag Update: A plant pot has fallen over in Airdrie. An eye witness retold the horror "it pure went sideways"" TracerTong
  • "You know its windy when the water in the toilet is jigglin' aboot" Filmoar
  • "I've had to switch the lights on! In the daytime! The humanity! #hurricanebawbag" lesmondine
  • "the news of #hurricanebawbag is making me miss Edinburgh. Only Scotland could make me miss a place most when being hit by a hurricane." otherjamesgray

Update - 5pm (now #bawbag is trending in UK rather than #hurricanebawbag, dipensing with formalities and getting straight to the nitty gritty. Hurricane Bawbag also now has its own Twitter and Facebook pages)

  • "Flight just landed at Glasgow. Amazing. It only took off from New York six minutes ago. #hurricanebawbag" greghemphill69
  • "My neighbour Donald's trousers blew away. I didn't know what to say to him. #hurricanebawbag" robertflorence
  • "Normally hurricanes have drag queen names like Berniece or Velma but oh no not the scottish one #hurricainebawbag" AlanCarr
  • "It would appear #hurricanebawbag has its own FB page...with 11,000 likes. We are through the looking glass, people" iainpope73
  • "Hurricane names must alternate between male and female so I recommend calling the next one Hurricane Fannybaws #HurricaneBawbag" greghemphill69
  • "#hurricanebawbag closes major businesses in Glasgow. Workers' celebratory cigarettes on the walk home remain unaffected". michaelmphysics
  • "I've heard that this isn't actually #hurricanebawbag, it's Fergie still giving the players the hairdryer treatment #united #MUFC" tonicswatcher
  • "We eat severe weather like wasabi peanuts. Glasgow, nothing will stop us from bringing you the joyous noise this evening." Gingernyc (aka the hardy Ginger Wildheart)
  • "There are many reasons I am proud to be Scottish. #hurricanebawbag - our country's way of saying 'GET IT UP YE' to Mother Nature. Brilliant." KirstyGibbins85
  • "The sad moment when you watch your shed leave you for another garden. #hurricanebawbag" HurricaneBawbag


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