Jock the Dog’s diary – life’s ruff at the top for STV guest editor

Hi guys,

I’m in the STV office today, and it’s awfully exciting to be here!

Sean has let me off the leash to guest-edit the website today, and I can tell you one thing for certain: it’s anything but a dog’s life getting to meet so many fabulous people here.

We had to be up early to set the agenda for the day – I had a nice walk by the River Clyde to see if I could spot any good leads, but suffice to say I’ve left the hard news to the experts.

As a bit of a One Direction fan, I’m more interested to see how they got on at the MTV VMAs last night. They do say that Harry Style dresses a bit like a dog’s dinner, and for what it’s worth I think he’s absolutely delicious too.

I’m also quite concerned that Snoop Dogg is changing his name to Snoop Lion, and doing reggae. Did he ever think about his canine fanbase when he abandoned us? I’ve been using my copy of Doggystyle as a frisbee – I’m hoping that if he comes across me in Paisley he’ll get the hint and see some sense.

So, what about me? I’m a year and a half old – that makes me about 10 and a half in dog years, meaning that Sean is steeling himself for my stroppy teenage years, when I listen to lots of loud music and get to chew up the sofa even more than usual.

I belong to Sean’s mum, and recently I got very muddy on a trip to Edinburgh for the STV Appeal. Sean pulled me along in a trailer attached to his bike, but I did some running along the way too, motivating myself with a wee listen to my favourite band Frightened Rabbit.

So far I’ve helped raised over £7,000 – sometimes I wonder how many bones that could have bought me, but after watching the programmes on the channel this week I’m really happy that the money is to help children who need it more than I do. (Even though I really would love £7,000 worth of bones, if anybody has any lying about that they can lend me?)

At the end of the trip to Edinburgh I got to compete at a dog agility show in Ingliston for the appeal – I think I did pretty well and Sean was proud of me, it was lovely to see so many great owners and friends there! I’m going to have a word with Raman to find out why the winners weren’t reported on the news – I think he might be biased against those of us lucky enough to have four legs instead of just two.

I’ve become a bit of a celebrity in Paisley nowadays, but I try not to let it go to my head – everybody treats me like one of the guys, and that’s the way I like to keep it.

Here’s some exciting news just for you: I’m about to get a sister! I saw Rosie for the first time last night. It’s a few weeks before she comes to stay, but I can’t wait to look after her! Having said that, I’m hoping she gets some toys for herself, because she’s not getting any of mine.

Anyway, that’s enough from me, plenty of work to be done! I’m so excited about tonight - Lorraine Kelly has a Border Terrier too, which I can’t wait to meet. Hope you tune in – and don’t be afraid to say hello to me at Byeeeee! :)

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