Cancer video blog: Laura Boyd opens up about 3 year battle with leukaemia

In September 2009, I began to feel run down, tired and generally ill, but I was convinced it was because I had spent the months prior to this working tirelessly covering Susan Boyle’s incredible rise to fame, in my job as a showbiz reporter for

As pains in my stomach persisted and my energy levels failed to return to normal, I knew a trip to the doctors was in order… but I never imagined I was going to come away with the devastating news that I had cancer.

I have blogged about my battle with leukaemia for the past few years and the response I have had from fellow patients and people touched by the disease from across the globe has been incredible.

So, as I am approaching my three year ‘cancerversary’ and work for a television company, I decided to make use of the equipment around me and tell my story on camera.

I have taken great comfort watching other people talk honestly and openly about their experiences with the disease on the likes of YouTube and if details of my own journey can help even one person feel better about their future, then this will be worthwhile.

In the video above, I have tried to be entirely honest about the past three years –although it’s difficult to condense into five minutes.

I have spoken about how I felt at the time of diagnosis, what it was like to return to work and how, in part, I feel cancer has halted certain parts of my life.

On the other hand, there have been so many wonderful times in the past three years, including my involvement with a host of charities, winning a Daily Record Heroes Award (and subsequently meeting The Wanted – ahhh) and inspiring interviews with John Hartson and Peter Andre.

I am still being treated for leukaemia and I have a long road ahead, but I’m doing really well just now and I am determined to keep things that way.

I intend to document the future with video blogs and bring you the highs, and inevitable lows, of my journey as I live with cancer.

Thank you for taking the time to watch, as the wonderful Mae West said: “You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.”

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