The Scotch Snap: Kanye love songs and Olympic closing

You know that feeling, when you meet that special person, and you want to sing it from the rooftops?

Well, Kanye West certainly does. Only he's given his ode to his special lady the worst title since Spinal Tap's Lick My Love Pump.

We also take a look at the musical performances at the end of the Olympics, which were everything Danny Boyle's weren't, go interactive in the new reviews, and hear new stuff from Willie Campbell's Open Day Rotation.

New releases - George Michael - White Light (out now); Spector - Celestine (from the album Enjoy It While It Lasts, out now); Bloc Party - Octopus (out now); The Open Day Rotation - Black Wing (from the album Toxic Good, Toxic Bad, out now).

*Musical note: the Scotch Snap technically consists of a stressed (ie on the beat) sixteenth note, or semiquaver, followed by a dotted eighth note or quaver. Usually dotted rythms have the longer note first; it is that reversal of expectation that makes the snap so distinctive. It is a key rhythmic signature of Scottish traditional music.

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