Internet stunt cycling sensation Danny MacAskill performs for STV

Stunt cyclist Danny MacAskill and internet phenomenon has spoken to STV of his unexpected success and also performed some new stunts for this exclusive video.

The 23-year-old has racked up millions of fans on the video-sharing site YouTube with his spectacular moves around the streets of Edinburgh.

Skye-born MacAskill has been cycling from the age of 11 and quit his job as a bike mechanic to perform full-time with cycle stunt team, the Clan.

MacAskill told STV: “The most dangerous thing I’ve done on my bike is probably trying to ride along a spikey fence, it took probably took the longest to achieve and I kind of thought I was going to hurt myself on that one.”

He continued: “I don’t really know what passers-by think when they see me ride. I listen to music a lot when I ride so I try not to focus too much on what other people are thinking.”

On his new-found success, the youngster said: “I think the interest that this video has got on the internet is amazing. Definitely did not expect it in the slightest.”

And despite the huge internet interest, MacAskill insists he will not be joining another Scottish YouTube sensation on the nation’s TV screens anytime soon.

He explained: “I’m not too sure if we’ll see the Clan on Britain’s Got Talent. The Clan’s got talent but the stage isn’t big enough.”

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