Paris Hilton to reprise Repo role

Paris Hilton is set to star in a sequel to 'Repo! The Genetic Opera'.

According to the socialite's co-star Alex Vega, the producers of the horror musical - which was only given a limited cinema release in the US after being panned by critics - are keen to make another movie.

She said: "From the very, very beginning, we always talked about a prequel or a sequel to this movie. And it's hard, because as of right now, we all want to do it, but, you know, it didn't really do as we hoped. We didn't really have a lot of support. But we're hoping that the fans will come back, and it will be an underground cult classic that will grow, and that will eventually spark us to do another."

Despite the negativity surrounding the film, director Darren Lynn Bousman has previously expressed his desire to helm another film.

He said: "I would love to follow up 'Repo' and finish the story, because it was conceived as a three-part movie. But this movie is all about support from the internet, and support from fans. This is not a movie where you'll see billboards or bus stop ads or trailers on TV.

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