The cast of Demons on... scary movies and superheroes

Phil Glenister

 “There used to be a series on Saturday nights years ago on ITV called Thriller. It was all different stories and they released them on DVD recently and I had to get it. I remember the music used to really freak me out. There were these great stories and there was one that I remember where this guy gets locked in this house in this chamber and he is left there to die. It’s a bit like being buried alive. I remember being completely freaked out by this story.”

 “I used to love Batman and Robin as a kid. Spiderman never really did it for me, Superman was ok, but Adam West as Batman was great, how he made those lines work was magnificent.”

Christian Cooke

 “I was always scared by Predator. I remember watching Terminator 2 when I was younger and that was very scary too.”

“My favourite superhero is probably Peter Parker in Spiderman. I suppose he is similar to Luke as he is a normal every day guy who on one hand wants a normal life and romance but on the other feels obliged to use his skills to help people. Luke realises his obligation to fight the half-lives and he realises it is important to protect humans against them, especially as he is a Van Helsing.”

 “I love Ghostbusters.  Every body loves Ghostbusters.  Tom Harper, the first unit director, bought me and Phil Glenister a Ghostbusters t-shirt with the original symbol which was wicked. It also relates to show as it has an element of terror, it is comic and its light hearted but it is difficult to get that balance right and bring in its targeted audience.”

Zoe Tapper

 “I know exactly what this is, because it terrified me as a kid.  I remember having a party when I was about seven and we got out the DVD of Return to Oz and the wheelies, instead of hands and feet, had wheels. Literally to this day I have been terrified.”

“I would always be terrified of all these kind of things, so I would always go for the heroine characters. But I tell you the film I love watching and I love the remake as well – is King Kong. I love it and the thought of being the girl in King Kong too.”

 “I used to love Cat Woman in Batman, my brother and I used to watch the TV show. I liked her feline movements and being strong and fighting against men.”

Holliday Grainger

 “I love Heroes. I completely devoured the first series of that.  Peter Petrelli is awesome, if you were him you could do it all.”

 “I love the Batman and Spiderman films. If I had to say anyone then it’d have to be Superman. He’s the one I’d most like to meet so he could take me on a flying trip.”