Scotch Snap: our weekly look from Scotland at the world of music

This week we've seen Ted Nugent make a bad situation worse. We test his definition of threatening behavior.

There are more ghosts which need exorcising in the wake of Holo-Tupac, and there's cracking new tunes by Kwes and RM Hubbert.

Oh, and we've got a new intro as well.

Releases reviewed: Cover Drive - Sparks (out now); Tulisa - Young (out now); Kwes - Bashful (from the Meantime EP, out now); RM Hubbert - Car Song (from the album Thirteen Lost and Found, out now).

*Musical note: the Scotch Snap technically consists of a stressed (ie on the beat) sixteenth note, or semiquaver, followed by a dotted eighth note or quaver. Usually dotted rythms have the longer note first; it is that reversal of expectation that makes the snap so distinctive. It is a key rhythmic signature of Scottish traditional music.

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